Rules of General Discipline


  • Be in the class room before the second bell (09.55 a.m. in the morning and 1.40 p.m. in the afternoon) and stand up in silence for prayer at the stroke of the third bell, in the morning.
  • Be regular in attending classes.
  • Every student is expected to behave in a dignified and courteous manner, within the college and outside of it.
  • Greet your teachers / the manager of the college /elders etc., as the case may be, when you meet them (Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening, depending on the time of the day).
  • As we are adjacent to the spiritual ambience of the Holy Forane Church, Students must avoid commotion.
  • Kindly have the good sense to ask: ‘May I Come in Sir’, whenever you need to have and interface with the Principal or teachers in their respective offices and say: ‘Thank You Sir’ when you move out.
  • Political groupings, campaigns, canvassing and tussles emanating there from are strictly banned in the campus.
  • Anyone found defacing the college building, causing damage to the physical infrastructure /properties of the college and similar other activities shall cause for vigilant action against them like common punishment.
  • Consumption / possession of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc. shall amount to non-compliance of norms of discipline. Contrary behaviours of the above kind will meet with summary dismissal from the college.
  • Abstain from littering the campus. Deposit the waste items in the space provided for the same.
  • Students are forbidden from indulging in any type of ragging at any point of time. Violation of the above shall be treated as criminal intimidation and offence.
  • Gadgets like cell phones are not permitted in the college.
  • All the students must adhere to the uniform code, strictly, accordingly, they appear in the uniform on all days except on Wednesdays. However, they are at liberty to prefer it or not when they attend special classes on Saturdays.

The above rules are meant to be sustainable practices which shall guarantee scholarship, humaneness and good citizenry.