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Department of English

Department of English at Mary Matha offers under graduate and post graduate degrees in English language by the Kannur University. BA (English) and MA (English) degrees offer a comprehensive course in the global language enabling the students to pursue careers in literature, hospitality, education and an array of other vibrant opportunities available today.

A well maintained library and excellent faculty contribute to the scholastic atmosphere of the college enabling students to pursue research activities. The department has produced a handful of excellent academics over the years.





Department of Physics

Department of Physics at Mary Matha offers an undergraduate degree in Physics offered by the Kannur University. The course spanning over three years, dives deep into the principles and theories of Physics and tests their credibility in the fully equipped laboratories of the college. The department also inspires the students to experiment and learn from empirical examples.

A deep understanding of Physics is fundamental in exploring the universe around us. Our Space Explorations and developments in the field of technology is fuelled by this understanding of the physical world. The vision of the Department is to take this message to as many people as possible, enabling the spread of scientific temper in the society.



Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry at Mary Matha offers an undergraduate degree in Chemistry offered by the Kannur University. A basic knowledge of chemicals goes a long way in easing our lives. Research in the field of Medicine, Fertilizers, organic farming etc. brings positive changes in the society.
The Department aims at bringing the knowledge of chemicals to the common man and providing a great career in this vibrant field for the students.



Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce offers under graduate and post graduate degrees in commerce by the Kannur University.
Undergraduate B.Com degree is offered in two streams – Computer Applications and Co-Operation. The streams emphasis upon the use of commerce in solving the problems of widely varying scenarios. While the former focus upon the use of computer applications in solving managerial issue, the latter gives an extensive study of the co-operative enterprises.
The Master’s degree is a research oriented program in commerce which offers great opportunities in the country and abroad.




Computer Applications



School of Business

School of Business at Mary Matha offers a Batchelor degree in Business Administration by the Kannur University. This is a professional course aimed at moulding business executives who will excel in the corporate world.
The course is programmed with the needs of the industry in mind and has an excellent record of placements till date.


Business Administration

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